BIG IDEAS in Literary Arts


Following Lisbon’s Web Summit, two award winning American writers of innovative literature will present the first in a series of cultural BIG IDEAS hosted by Fundaçao de Cidade de Lisboa. Co-sponsored by Bookshop Bivar.

DISCUSSION: Innovative literature is using technology to shatter rules and boundaries. Narrative now incorporates technology ‘language’ and inspires virtual gaming and cyber experiences. What are some of these literary ‘products’ and how might they manifest in the future?

SAM WITT is the author of three poetry collections, including Everlasting Quail, winner of the Katherine Nason Bakeless Award, and Little Domesday Clock, whose “visionary text occupies every corner of the imagination with code, data, errata, erasures, subtweets, footnotes, actions and redactions.” He is Associate Professor of Creative Writing in Massachusetts and a former poetry editor and journalist.

DEBRA DI BLASI is multimedia, multi-genre author of seven books including Drought, which won the Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Book Award, and The Jiri Chronicles, winner of an &NOW Award. Her writing has been adapted to film, radio and audio. She is a former U.S. book publisher, editor, art critic and educator living in Portugal.

WHEN: 7 December 18h30 to 20h30

WHERE: Fundaçao de Cidade de Lisboa

SIGN UP: Click here to sign up.

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