Creative Xchanges – Aug ’17

Creative Exchanges

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
― Leonard Cohen

During the last event we talked about what is means to be creative in today’s world and how can one fulfill their creative potential. In this month’s event, we will take a walk on the “dark side of creativity”.

The topic for August’s Discussion: Is Creativity a Source for Good or Evil?

Creative Xchanges is a monthly event that brings together creative minds from various walks of life to have meaningful conversations about art, creativity and the things that make life worth living.

Each month we will host a panel discussion with people immersed in the worlds of music, literature, theatre, design, fashion, fine arts, photography and much more. The public will have the chance to actively participate in the discussion.

The event is organized and moderated by Peter D Murphy – writer of Irish origins, currently living in Lisbon, author of Lagan Love and the Life & Times Trilogy. Currently part-time musician and responsible dog-owner, Peter finds himself guilty of supporting the art scene in Lisbon, particularly by helping young artists shine. He’s passionate about lively conversations over a “bica” and is more than willing to play the “devil’s advocate” just because he’s Irish enough.

The event is free and there are only 25 places available. To secure your spot, sign up here.

Guest Creatives or Creative Guests:

Suresh Nampuri – Theatre Director
Suresh’s primary occupations involve asking what lies inside a black hole and what lies beneath the facades of the human architecture and frequently finds himself answering one with techniques of the other. He has had directorial and thespian training and experience in multiple countries and continents both as actor, director and artistic director, and is here in Lisbon to discover in the lilting rhymes of art in gentle Lusitania, the song and fury that Camoes first channeled to spark the fierce imagination that lay buried in the oceans.

Catarina Rodrigues – Singer, performer
Catarina is a singer-performer-director- psychotherapist who is passionate about People, Art and Nature. Many times Catarina wishes she lived in a slower, more mindful time, savouring each bite of life with the love, attention and respect it deserves. Catarina loves long walks in Nature and returning to everything that is raw and genuine.

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