Book club for podcasts

Podcast Brunch Club
like a book club, but for podcasts.

Podcast listening can be lonely. How many times have you burst out laughing (or wiped away a tear) and turned to share the moment with someone only to realize that you are by yourself?

Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is changing that by bringing podcast listeners together. Unplug and meet others face-to-face by joining the next PBC meeting in Lisbon – organised at Bookshop Bivar together with Jennifer Moon, who will coordinate the discussion.

Climate Change at Bookshop BivarThe theme for July is Climate Change. The podcast episodes and discussion questions can be found on the PBC website. Please listen to at least one of the episodes before the session on 26 July at 1930.

The event will be potluck style, so please bring a small snack or drink to share.

The event is free but contributions are welcome. Places are limited, sign up here.


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