Book Swap Party

Bookswap Party
Celebrating 3 years of Bookshop Bivar!
THREE YEARS full of books and of encounters with all the wonderful people who visited us in the shop.

THANK YOU, dear readers, clients and friends for accompanying us on this magical journey! We couldn’t have done it without you!

To celebrate this special occasion we’re going to throw a special Birthday Party & Book Swap on 1 April… and no, it’s not a jest, even though it’s on April Fools’ Day! We hope you can join us!

The party starts at 6 PM (please be on time).

Plans for the evening:

1. Blind Book Swap: Each participant brings a book and swaps it (if you aren’t familiar with the idea, read below**).

2. Fun literary games!! Surprise…surprise, we’re not going to tell you everything in advance…

3. Wine & Nibbles provided…to make the evening cozier.

After the event, we can go to dinner together in a nearby restaurant.

** Blind Book Swap instructions:
Each participant brings a book and swaps it for another during the event.

How to do it:
a) bring a book in English to the event – wrapped and unlabeled.
b) on arrival we give you a blank card where you write 3 words describing the book
c) place your packed book & the card on the bookswap table
d) each person chooses a book from the table
e) as soon as everyone has a book, we open the packages and see what we got!

The event will be moderated by Timothy from Lisbon Book Club.

PS. If you don’t have an extra book for swapping, you could come a bit earlier and buy one from us. Bivar is, after all – a BOOKSHOP!

Sign-Up for the event here (it’s free!)