Colours of Lisbon

Travelling through the colours of Lisbon book cover

Travel through the colours of Lisbon at Bookshop Bivar on 22nd February at 19h30

The theme for this event will be the light and colours of Lisbon.

The authors of the book – Cristina Machado, Ana Gaiaz and Carlota Flieg – will talk about the origin of this particular luminosity and will explore some of the colours of the city’s palette.

Each colour will be an opportunity to reveal a bit of history: from the polychrome of tiles, to the black and white in traditional stone pavements, passing by the blue of the River Tagus or the purple of the jacaranda trees in spring.

Colours of Lisbon at Bookshop BivarAn invitation to see Lisbon through different eyes!

And to share your own vision of the city. What colours come to your mind when you think of Lisbon?

Join us on 22nd February at 19h30!

The book – TRAVELLING THROUGH THE COLOURS OF LISBON – is already available at Bookshop Bivar!